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Training for Approved Installers

ProPERLA Masonry Crème penetrates up to 17 mm into the substrate of the property to provide an insulating barrier – keeping the walls dry and thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the masonry. 

It is important that contractors involved in the application of ProPERLA Masonry Crème fully understand its properties and the correct procedures for application and so ProPERLA UK have put together a practical training course delivered by ProPERLA experts at our Bury depot. This half-day course covers:

  • The key aspects of the product
  • Understanding surface preparation to BS 8221-1 2012
  • Application techniques
  • Dealing with changing ambient conditions
  • How to maintain airless spray equipment
  • Insights into other products within the ProPERLA range of coating systems

It also provides the opportunity to try out the product using our recommended airless spray machines
The training usually takes place on a Friday at regular intervals throughout the year but bespoke sessions can be arranged to suit your requirements, depending on numbers.

For more information on the next training session please do not hesitate to ring 0161 763 7074 or email info@properla.co.uk

“Training was interesting and product really good.”

Benefits of Official Applicator status:

Having a trained and competent workforce who fully understand the unique properties of ProPERLA Masonry Crème will allow you to demonstrate to your current and potential customers your capability to tackle their coating project in an efficient and professional way. This will then give them confidence they have selected the right company for the job. Other benefits of having Official Applicator status include:

  • Membership of the Approved Installer network
  • On-going technical support
  • Access to training materials
  • Access to marketing materials and tools
  • Lead generation
  • Approved Installer Certification by ProPERLA UK
  • Participation in the manufacturer’s guarantee scheme

“Excellent knowledge. I feel comfortable installing this product.”

Are you looking to join the ProPERLA Approved Installer network?

ProPERLA UK are actively seeking professional applicators who wish to be trained in the use of our ProPERLA Masonry Crème. Having approved installers who are fully trained in our ProPERLA Masonry Crème coating system enables us to feel confident when recommending them to potential clients.

If you are interested in getting involved with this product please do not hesitate to ring 0161 763 7074 or email info@properla.co.uk for further details.

Are you a member of the public interested in ProPERLA Masonry Crème?

If you are a member of the general public and wish to take advantage of the superb qualities ProPERLA Masonry Crème can provide for your property, please see here for a list of Approved Installers.

Having this highly technical and sophisticated coating system applied by a professional, trained applicator will ensure that all the necessary pre-application preparation and remedial work is undertaken to the standards required before any product is applied. This will ensure that the coating system performs to the best of its abilities and the 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee is safeguarded.

Benefits of professional application:
  • Accurate assessment of quantities of the product required for your project
  • Remedial repairs carried out before application
  • Professional cleaning and preparation of the surfaces
  • Professional spraying and application of the product with appropriate professional equipment
  • Reduces risk of costly coating failure
  • Manufacturer’s product guarantee safeguarded
  • Provides a point of contact for post-completion assistance

“The course was well worth attending and improved my knowledge of machine maintenance and application of the product.”

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