We are proud that our products have been verified by the Energy Saving Trust


After 35 years in the specialist paint and coatings industry, our company was offered the opportunity to distribute nationally and on a sole distribution basis, the technologically superior ProPERLA range of exterior coating products manufactured in Germany.

We believe that super hydrophobic coatings will become the benchmark for the building trade generally in the future and therefore we are proud to launch our new website to raise the profile of a new era in exterior coating products.

We recognise that the UK is facing significant challenges in its desire to retrofit its housing stock to meet government targets for fuel poverty and carbon reduction and also in its desire for everyone to live in a warm, comfortable and energy efficient home

But these challenges bring exciting opportunities for new and innovative coating technologies like ours. We believe we can contribute to the

achievement of such goals by working alongside existing energy saving initiatives to provide products which keep buildings dry – and dry buildings mean less heating costs and improved living conditions for occupants. Once applied, these coatings last between 10-20 years providing many years of comfort as well as reduced maintenance and upkeep

They come with long term manufacturer’s guarantees and are proven to withstand all climatic conditions. They are designed for single skin buildings with no cavity, but are of equal importance to modern buildings in that they help to keep any installed cavity wall insulation dry and effective.

Our passion for these technologically superior coating products is only rivalled by our commitment to customer service. We provide a full technical back-up service, including training and on-going product development as well as a next day courier delivery service for timely placed orders.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your interest in the new ProPERLA website but do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how these external wall coatings can benefit your property.

Gary Thompson, Managing Director, ProPERLA UK Ltd

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