We are proud that our products have been verified by the Energy Saving Trust

ProPERLA Brick Water Repellent

  • Creates a super hydrophobic coating on exterior bricks that completely repels moisture
  • Remains highly breathable, which allows moisture to escape from the brickwork
  • Creates an invisible insulation barrier that has been proven to help retain heat in walls and reduce heat loss
  • Verified by the Energy Saving Trust

Reduce Energy Costs & Protect Homes

Invisible insulation barrier

Invisible Insulation

Independently and scientifically proven to help improve energy efficiency by keeping walls dry

Super hydrophobic

Super Hydrophobic

Water simply rolls off, leaving the surface dry and reducing water absorption by up to 96.3%

Highly breathable

Highly Breathable

Independent scientific tests demonstrated no restriction on the ability of the building to breathe

Self cleaning


Improves the long-term appearance of the property -dirt particles are washed away with rainfall

Damaged brickwork

The Problem With Bricks

Contrary to popular belief, a large proportion of brickwork today is very susceptible to water ingress. This is particularly the case with weathered bricks over the age of 25 years, which can be highly porous.

Moisture will absorb into brick, concrete & other mineral substrates through the pores of the material or through small hairline cracks.

Once in the brickwork, the moisture undergoes a freeze-thaw cycle that causes water to expand by roughly 9%. This cycle continues. gradually making any cracks in the brickwork even bigger. The end result is that damage is caused to the brick, resulting in damp and the potential need for repairs to the brick.

The moisture can also lead to heat loss, deterioration in the strength of brickwork & issues relating to penetrating damp.

ProPERLA Water Repellent Technology

ProPERLA technology, by creating a water repellent coating on exterior brick walls, has been shown to reduce water absorption by up to 96.3%.

Independent testing recently revealed bricks treated with ProPERLA showed a decrease of 6⁰C of heat loss in comparison to brick walls that were left untreated.

Why is this? When the walls of properties get wet from wind driven rain, the water acts as a thermal bridge causing heat to transfer away from the property, reducing the energy efficiency of the property and contributing to higher energy bills.

By keeping bricks dry, ProPERLA keeps them warm & helps to improve the thermal efficiency of homes. That is why our water repellent wall coatings have been verified by the Energy Saving Trust following their independent review process.

ProPERLA waterproofing technology

The Most Advanced Technology In The UK


Unlike some brick water repellent products that are often referred to as a brick sealer, ProPERLA technology does not block the pores of the brick by coating them with a film.

The problem with this is that while they successfully prevent moisture from penetrating into the brick, by preventing moisture from escaping the brick, they actually make damp problems worse.

ProPERLA nano-technology chemically bonds to the surface, penetrating up to up to 17mm into the brick. By becoming part of the brick itself, rather than creating a sealing water repellent film, ProPERLA does not affect the breathability of the brick.

Independent scientific testing conducted by UKAS accredited laboratory Lucideon found that ProPERLA water repellent technology has little effect on breathability, leading to it achieving the BS EN ISO 7783:2011 industry standard.

Independently Tested & Certified

ProPERLA wall coatings have been rigorously tested and certified by the independent UKAS accredited testing laboratory, Lucideon.

They have been tested for durability, thermal insulating properties, breathability and water repellency and have achieved the following quality standards;

  • EAD 090062-00-0404 – 25 year hygrothermal performance
  • EAD 040083-00-0404 – External thermal insulation composite
  • BS EN ISO 7783:2011 -  Water vapour diffusion (breathability)
  • BS EN ISO 12572 - Water Vapour Resistance

Our Brick Water Repellent

While ProPERLA technology is available for a range of surfaces and available in coloured forms, we offer one highly advanced clear water repellent for brick.

ProPERLA Masonry Creme

ProPERLA Masonry Creme is the ultimate clear brick water repellent that keeps properties warm & dry by creating an invisible waterproof coating on a range of substrates, including brick, stone & concrete.

  • 25 year proven performance
  • Water repellent
  • Highly breathable
  • Self-cleaning
  • Proven to reduce penetrating damp
  • Proven to keep treated walls 6⁰C warmer on average
  • It has undergone UKAS Accredited testing
  • Verified by the Energy Saving Trust
  • A one-coat invisible protection for brick, stone or cement
  • Chemically bonds to mineral surfaces
  • Helps prevent salt efflorescence, moss & discolouration

Comes with a 20 year manufacturer's guarantee

Protect & Restore Brick

ProPERLA Masonry Creme is ideal for treating brick as it does not alter the appearance of the brickwork in any way. This is because it works below the surface of brick, rather than forming a film that could leave a sheen. By reducing water absorption, ProPERLA Masonry Creme has been proven to reduce salt efflorescence, which can be a significant eyesore on natural brick properties.

Another huge benefit of water repellent technology is that it creates a self-cleaning surface that allows dirt to clean off the brick with rainfall. The growth of moss, algae and green growth is also significantly reduced by the reduction of moisture that this growth relies on.

Most importantly, by creating a water repellent surface on brick, you slow the ageing & breakdown of brickwork to protect it from the damaging effects of the weathering. The lifespan of the brickwork can be extended for decades by protecting them from weathering.

Water repellent for brick

Find out more

If you are a homeowner who would like your home treated with ProPERLA Masonry Creme? Find your nearest Approved ProPERLA Applicator here.

Alternatively, if  you would like to become an Approved ProPERLA Applicator, send an email to info@properla.co.uk or call 0161 763 7074

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