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Case Study

ProPERLA Wood Impregnator chosen for Blackpool Zoo

ProPERLA Wood Impregnator

ProPERLA® is considered to be one of the world’s best waterproof wood treatments due to it's advanced super hydrophobic technology, which protects & restores existing wood for years to come. This is why it was chosen by Blackpool Zoo to treat areas of their giraffe enclosure & viewing area. 

ProPERLA applicator Fullercoat carried out the project, which consisted of 200m² of heavily weathered wood, which they were tasked with restoring and then treating with ProPERLA Wood Impregnator, which aimed to prevent any future damage or wearing by preventing moisture ingress on the timber. The natural beauty of the wood did not need to be compromised by treatment. ProPERLA Wood Impregnator is a clear waterproof wood treatment, drying clear so not to alter the appearance of the wood. This was perfect for this project to maintain a natural look to the wood, in keeping with the aesthetic of the zoo.

Before treatment, the wood was significantly affected by green growth, algae & mold. Wood is a primary target for green growth as it is an organic substrate. 

Green mold on wood is caused by moisture rich conditions, which allows the growth to multiply & eventually cover the whole of the timber, which was the case with the giraffe enclosure at Blackpool Zoo.

Wood suffering from green growth

Before the wood was treated with ProPERLA Wood Impregnator.

Firstly, the wood was power washed down to decontaminate the surface and remove any large growth. ProPERLA Cleaner was then applied to remove any organic growth from the surface of the wood by disinfecting the timber. 

ProPERLA waterproof wood treatment

Applying ProPERLA Wood Impregnator.

Once prepared, the wood was then treated with ProPERLA Wood Impregnator using a pump sprayer, applying to each spindle, along the railings and to the walkways. 

The treatment was chosen to be applied to the wood as it would provide a long-term solution to the green growth. As we have mentioned, this growth is caused simply by moisture. Through our nano-technology, a water repellent surface is created on the wood, meaning water simply bounces straight off.

But you may be wondering how does the ProPERLA nano-technology achieve this? Unlike many 'sealer' products on the market, ProPERLA does not create a film on the substrate.

Instead, it penetrating into the timber and chemically bonds to the structure. This means that the treatment forms part of the wood, rather than sealing the surface. This is what allows breathability to be maintained, so moisture can escape the wood.

This is crucial as otherwise, moisture would be prevented from entering the surface, but would mean that moisture was also left trapped inside the wood. This was shown in independent testing which demonstrated that the Wood Impregnator had an SD breathability rating of 0.03. A coating is considered to be breathable if it has an SD value of 0.50 or less, meaning the product is highly breathable.

Waterproofed wood

After the wood was treated with ProPERLA Wood Impregnator.

waterproof wood treatment

The beading effect of ProPERLA Wood Impregnator.

We were delighted to hear that the team of Blackpool Zoo were thrilled with the results of the project, especially when they saw the 'beading effect' of the nano-technology.

The wood will now be protected from damage, rot & green growth, that will all be significantly reduced with the elimination of moisture from the timber. Crucially, the lifespan of the wood has been increased, with the zoo avoiding the costly decision to replace large parts of timber.

The treatment came with a 10 year manufacturer' guarantee, meaning they will enjoy waterproof protection for years to come. 

We want to take the time to thank Blackpool Zoo for choosing ProPERLA & the team at Fullercoat who did a fantastic job with the project. The results really do speak for themselves!

Are you a contractor who wants to become an approved ProPERLA applicator? Send the team an email - info@properla.co.uk. Maybe you are a homeowner who wants their exterior woodwork treating from weathering? Find an approved ProPERLA applicator using our applicator finder tool here.

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