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ProPERLA Masonry Creme – Efflorescence prevention

Problems Addressed:

  • Several areas of pebble dash were coming loose due to water penetration
  • Difficulty keeping the property warm. Solid wall construction
  • Improvement to the exterior appearance of the property

Products Used:

Official Applicator:

In 2018, ProPERLA wall coatings were taken to UKAS accredited laboratory Lucideon in order to be tested in a 25 year accelerated weathering process. This aim of the test was to demonstrate the ability for the wall coatings to prevent water absorption, maintain breathability, perform for 25 years and improve the thermal insulation of building materials by keeping them dry. While ProPERLA Masonry Creme and ProPERLA Facade Coating were both found to pass all four tests, a number of other benefits of ProPERLA wall coatings were found during the investigation.

ProPERLA wall coatings were found to assist with preventing the appearance of salt efflorescence by keeping the walls of buildings and properties dry.

Salt efflorescence is a white powdery substance that appears on brickwork due to moisture within the building materials of the property. The mineral salts that are naturally contained within brickwork are dissolved when water enters the masonry from wind-driven rain. As the water evaporates back out of the masonry, the salts are drawn out with the moisture and left behind on the surface of the building,

While this efflorescence is not harmful to the building, it is an indication of water ingress and can be an eyesore on natural brickwork that can be easily prevented. It is particularly a problem on new build properties as it is not only impacts the appearance of the attractive, newly built masonry, but also demonstrates that the moisture content within the brickwork has become very high in a short period of time. 

ProPERLA walls coatings create a super hydrophobic surface on treated materials while maintaining full breathability. This means that coated building surfaces will repel water, reducing water absorption by 93.4% and meeting British Standard for Water Vapour Resistance : BS EN ISO 7783:2011. 

By preventing water absorption, ProPERLA exterior coatings have been proven to reduce the cycle whereby soluble salts within bricks and mortar migrate to the surface. As a result, the wall coatings slow down the ageing or breakdown of the surface of the building and help to prevent efflorescence deposits.

This was demonstrated during Lucideon testing of ProPERLA wall coatings, where one third of a brick wall was coated in the clear ProPERLA Masonry Creme (right of below image), one third was left untreated (middle of below image) and one was coated in the coloured ProPERLA Facade Coating (left of below image).

Salt efflorescence

After the wall was subject to 25 years of accelerated weathering, the internal leaf showed signs of efflorescence deposits as the salts migrated through the masonry. This testing demonstrated clearly the significant difference between salt efflorescence deposits on an untreated brick wall when compared to a wall treated with ProPERLA. 

While ProPERLA is not suitable for removing efflorescence, one large salt deposits are removed, when the clear ProPERLA Masonry Creme is applied, any salt that continues to migrate as water vapour naturally escapes the building will be washed off the wall thanks to the self-cleaning properties. This is because ProPERLA Masonry Creme does not create a film on the brick, instead penetrating into the brickwork itself. The high breathability that is maintained once the treatment is applied allows the deposits to escape as the moisture content reduces. This continually self-cleans until their is very low moisture content in the brickwork and efflorescence is prevented long-term. If the source of the moisture is not dealt with, the efflorescence will simply continue to appear on the natural brickwork.

This is why ProPERLA Masonry Creme is the ideal solution for application to new-build properties with bare brick, stone & concrete masonry. When applied after the construction process, ProPERLA Masonry Creme does not alter the appearance of the property, instead simply creating a water repellent & highly breathable exterior walls that has self-cleaning capabilities. This not only protects the masonry from damage, it ensures it stays looking pristine for 25+ years without constant maintenance.

Masonry Crème

A highly sophisticated clear coating system for use on brick, stone, concrete and sandstone. The product penetrates up to 17 mm into the substrate to provide a one-coat invisible insulation barrier. 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

  • Highly breathable system (BS EN ISO 7783:2011)
  • Improves thermal efficiency of the masonry by keeping it dry (ETAG 034:2012)
  • Provides a self-cleaning, super hydrophobic surface (BS EN ISO 12572)
  • Prevents salt efflorescence

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