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Case Study

Peak Valley Housing Association chooses ProPERLA for major project

ProPERLA® is considered to be one of the World’s best waterproof exterior paints for buildings of all types. It was no surprise therefore that ProPERLA® was specified for a major housing development for a leading Northwest Housing Association.

Peak Valley Housing Association and architects Arcus Consulting chose specialist contractor PSN Painting Contractors to undertake a considerable re-coating project for 480 homes.  ProPERLA Facade Coating was the obvious choice as it provided a long lasting solution, guaranteed for 10 years with superior self cleaning properties, resulting in the exterior walls of the houses remaining clean and dirt free. Additionally ProPERLA® Coloured Facade Coating also insulates the building envelope and therefore offers energy saving and environmental benefits.

The project, encompassed 480 properties of which the majority were pebble dashed. As ProPERLA® Coloured Facade Coating offers industry leading benefits Peak Valley Housing were able to clearly see the major cost benefits from specifying ProPERLA® which would deliver significant cost savings over many years.

ProPERLA® Coloured Facade Coating with CE mark status is a SUPER HYDROPHOBIC surface coating treatment, developed in Germany and using the latest nano technology the coating provides year round protection for most types of building.

Suitable for application on masonry facades ProPERLA® is super hydrophobic and extremely self-cleaning, keeping the building permanently dry, and offering significant energy saving benefits. Additionally water and dirt just roll away so the wall or building will remain clean and ageing will be diminished.

Dirt particles are unable to gain a hold on masonry facades coated with ProPERLA®, they simply flow off with rainfall. The wall remains clean and attractive. Even on sides which are particularly exposed to the weather like the north-facing side or facades in shade, as well as in areas with high air humidity or with sea salt penetrated air ProPERLA® provides complete, all year round protection.

ProPERLA® water repellant is a one coat super hydrophobic treatment for Roof Tiles , the coating will prevent any water ingress through the roof tiles for a minimum of 10

ProPERLA® masonry crème is a one coat clear thick crème that penetrates up to 17 mm into bricks and stone creating a super hydrophobic self-cleaning surface for over twenty years.The properla masonry crème has been approved by HMRC as an energy saving product.

The ProPERLA® range is available in three different types of products – ProPERLA® Masonry Creme, guaranteed for 20 years; ProPERLA® Coloured Facade Coating, guaranteed for 10 years; ProPERLA® Water Repellent guaranteed for 10 years. All the Properla products carry the CE ACCREDITATION

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