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ProPERLA® technology restores London facades to former glory

Octavia Housing, one of London’s leading not-for-profit housing associations turned to ProPERLA® Coloured Facade Coatings to provide the perfect exterior coating solution for it’s landmark Trojan Court development, 161- 163 Willesden Lane.

Octavia Housing’s ethos, inspired their founder Octavia Hill, is to provide ‘good homes to make better lives’ and the organisation provides thousands of people with affordable homes in the inner London area.

The association had been disappointed with conventional coating systems in terms of durability, damp prevention and a lack of self cleaning properties so when they were made aware that ProPERLA® Coloured Facade Coating was available they were keen to test it’s performance.

There is no serious alternative to ProPERLA® Coloured Facade Coating – it is proven to have a 20 year lifespan and offers a level of performance unmatched by conventional systems as water and dirt are repelled and simply roll away, leaving the building clean and dry.

ProPERLA® coloured facade coating will also improve the property’s hydrothermal performance by reducing thermal heat transfer and therefore saving energy. This is achieved due to ProPERLA’s® super hydrophobic properties aligned to it’s high breathability which effectively stops water ingress whilst allowing the damp and moisture to breath out of the building.

Following completion of the project the Trojan Court properties were transformed into stunning residences with the facades restored to their former glory.

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