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Case Study

Properties transformed by QES Exterior Coatings

Here are some great property transformations completed by Approved Installer QES Exterior Coatings using ProPERLA products.

The transformation of these buildings is two pronged.

Firstly, in terms of the integrity of the buildings, the ProPERLA waterproof masonry paints that has been used to treat the substrates has created a super hydrophobic coating on the brickwork. The advanced formulation repels water away from the exterior, meaning water cannot be absorbed. Crucially, the protective barrier that is treated on the outside of the building is still highly breathable, so water vapor from inside the property can still escape. This keeps homes warm, dry & protected from penetrating damp.

Not only do the waterproof masonry paints protect the building, but they also transform the exterior walls, breathing a new lease of life into the property. Available in numerous colours, ProPERLA Facade Coating is self-cleaning, meaning dirt, grime & discoloration cannot attach itself to the exterior walls of your home. The products have been independently tested & certified to last at least 25 years of harsh weather conditions, maintaining full water repellency, breathability, self-cleaning ability and aesthetic appeal. 

Protect & transform your home with ProPERLA - a full range of coloured & clear exterior wall & roof paints.

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