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  1. NFRC Manifesto

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    ProPERLA UK Ltd welcome moves by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors to upskill the roofing industry. As a company that works closely with roofers nationally, any initiatives designed to give them a professional status in recognition of their skills, knowledge and experience will greatly enhance the sector and safeguard this critical role within the building industry.

    Read the full NFRC Manifesto here

  2. Committee on Climate Change

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    Keep up to date on the recommendations of the Committee on Climate Change. This Committee provides independent advice to government on building a low carbon economy and preparing for climate change. Here at ProPERLA, we believe we can contribute to this debate by offering a range of external coating systems which will keep Britain’s buildings DRY. Damp walls act as thermal bridges, allowing more heat to transfer out the building than if the cavity was air-filled and so the thermal conductivity of the wall decreases enormously with dampness. Having external walls coated with ProPERLA will keep them dry and energy efficient for up to 20 years.



  3. Publication of Solid Wall Insulation Report

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    A report to the Green Construction Board and Government by the Chief Construction Adviser, Peter Hansford, FREng, notes that of the existing 26 million homes in the UK, over 8 million of them have solid walls. It reports that Solid Wall Insualtion (SWI) is an important measure to be deployed for improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions with these properties.

    Benefits of treating such properties with SWI include

    • Improving comfort, health and wellbeing for occupants
    • Reducing overall energy demand
    • Addressing fuel poverty
    • Improving fabric and reducing maintenance costs

    Whilst this Report focuses on external ‘cladding’ type insulation systems, we believe at ProPERLA we can provide an alternative route to achieving these benefits. Coating a building – from the roof down – with our range of super hydrophobic coating systems will keep the building dry and a dry building means a more energy efficient, warm and comfortable living environment for occupants. Additional benefits include improved fabric condition, lower maintenance costs and improvements generally to the streetscape and estate regeneration, making homes more desirable.

    Read the full report here


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