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ProPERLA Set In Motion Further Testing


ProPERLA is delighted to announce that we have set in motion the process of rigorous independent testing on ProPERLA roof treatments and wood impregnator, in line with the substantial testing that ProPERLA wall coatings have undergone. 

Previous testing conducted by Lucideon

Back in November 2018, ProPERLA approached UKAS accredited laboratory Lucideon to carry out independent testing on ProPERLA wall coatings, specifically ProPERLA Facade Coating and ProPERLA Masonry Creme. 

Lucideon with their world leading testing facility were tasked with scientifically and impartially testing ProPERLA wall coatings to ensure they are fit for purpose and conform to regulations. 

Specifically, the tests were conducted to;

  • determine performance after 25 years of accelerated weathering
  • test and analyse thermal insulating properties
  • test and analyse breathability
  • test and analyse the super hydrophobic (highly water repellent) properties of the coatings

The results of the the test were that ProPERLA wall coatings passed each of the four parameters, achieving the following quality standards:

  • EAD 090062-00-0404 – 25 year hygrothermal performance
  • EAD 040083-00-0404 – External thermal insulation composite
  • BS EN ISO 7783:2011 -  Water vapour diffusion
  • BS EN ISO 12572 - Water vapour resistance

Independent UKAS accredited testing

Following the outstanding success of independent testing on ProPERLA wall coatings, we are now beginning the process of having the following products tested:

  1. RENOTEC Roof Coating
  2. ProPERLA Water Repellent
  3. ProPERLA Wood Impregnator

These products will be tested for their durability (lifespan), ability to prevent moisture penetration and breathability. RENOTEC Roof Coating will also have it's colour fastness tested to identify the coating's ability to maintain its colour and resist UV degradation.

Lucideon will be developing a custom made roof structure in order to replicate as close as possible the conditions of roof tiles, allowing Lucideon to test the practical performance of ProPERLA roof treatments on roof tiles.

A wooden structure will also be developed in order to identify the performance of ProPERLA Wood Impregnator as a clear, water repellent treatment for preventing the degradation & discolouration of timber surfaces.

We are delighted to announce this news to ProPERLA approved applicators and homeowners as we believe this testing will further validate the superior performance of ProPERLA's super hydrophobic technology. 

The testing process is in immediate planning, with the accelerated weathering process potentially due to begin within a matter of weeks.

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