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ProPERLA penetrating damp treatment

Penetrating Damp

What Is Penetrating Damp?

There are many types of damp, but the two main types of damp are rising damp and penetrating damp. Rising damp is a relatively uncommon form of damp that occurs when moisture from the ground rises through a substrate. This is caused because of ground water, that gets soaked through the substrate steadily. So, what is penetrating damp?

It is caused by water ingress on an exterior wall, often caused by wind-driven rain. Damaged masonry becomes porous, allowing the moisture to be soaked through the substrate and into the interior wall.

Penetrating Damp

What Causes Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating damp is caused by moisture leaking through the walls. Wind-driven rain can cause water to penetrate the building causing damp, mould, heat loss and damage to the property.

Cracked & damaged masonry becomes porous, allowing moisture to be soaked through the substrate and into the interior wall.

When this moisture enters the building material, it undergoes a freeze-thaw cycle that makes the crack larger and larger each time. 

The signs of penetrating damp are often damp stains and patches, black mould, plaster that is wet to the touch, or dark patches on exterior walls.

Penetrating Damp Treatment

ProPERLA highly breathable waterproof masonry paints & coatings prevent water ingress by creates a super hydrophobic surface on exterior masonry. This completely repels water off the surface before it can soak into the brick.

Exterior surfaces treated with ProPERLA stay dry - water absorption is reduced by more than 95%.

When it rains, the rain water forms beads and simply rolls off leaving the surface dry, protecting the building against the associated problems caused by water ingress & penetrating damp.

When applied, ProPERLA creates a super hydrophobic (highly water repellent) surface similar to the Lotus Leaf.  

lotus effect

Highly Breathable

ProPERLA is not a waterproof sealant - it does not trap moisture or impede water vapour from escaping from inside the building and evaporating naturally, which is why penetrating damp is significantly reduced with ProPERLA treated walls.

The video demonstrates the ease in which air (trapped in bubbles in this case) is able to permeate and escape a masonry block treated with ProPERLA Facade Coating.

ProPERLA Facade Coating benefits from an SD rating (breathability rating) of 0.06 whilst ProPERLA Masonry Creme has an SD rating of 0.03 - these are both much lower ratings (and therefore more breathable) than an SD rating of 0.5 which is considered breathable by industry standards.

ProPERLA Masonry Creme does not simply sit on the surface like sealants and block the pores of the masonry, it is absorbed into the surface and can penetrate up to 17mm. This impregnation not only ensures very high breathability, it also prevents the coating from being eroded quickly with wind driven rain.

ProPERLA manufacturer's guarantee

Product Guarantee

ProPERLA wall coatings are manufactured in Germany using the very latest in nanotechnology. They have been tested and certified (see the product pages for further details) and come with a manufacturer's guarantee of between 10-20 years to give you long term peace of mind.

Protect Your Cavity Walls

Cavity walls have been designed to prevent the ingress of water however penetrating damp can still occur. A bridge across the cavity can be formed, which allows rainwater to move through to the inner surface. This can occur if the cavities have been incorrectly filled, if wall ties have been incorrectly installed, if obstructions exist in the cavities or if the insulation has not been properly installed.

Application of ProPERLA super hydrophobic coatings can prevent penetrating damp by keeping the external walls dry and thereby preventing water from moving through the cavity to the inner surface. This is of great benefit when there are time and budget restraints which prohibit structural changes to cavity walls.

cavity wall penetrating damp
solid wall penetrating damp

Protect Your Solid Walls

Traditional solid walls are made from porous construction materials which rely on the  'overcoat' effect to resist the ingress of water. However, water can penetrate solid walls, even those of considerable thickness, by prolonged exposure to wind-driven rain. Once water reaches the inner surface it results in penetrating damp with damp patches increasing in size after heavy rainfall.

Moisture can be damaging to a solid wall building even if it does not penetrate all the way through to the inner wall. It can accelerate the decay of the building facade and has an effect on the hygrothermal performance of the building envelope, which can reduce thermal efficiency and lead to heat loss.

ProPERLA reduces water absorption and keeps walls dry which provides added protection to solid wall buildings against the problems associated with dampness and moisture.

Additional benefits of ProPERLA coatings

Keep the weather out &
the warmth in

Keeping walls dry reduces heat loss and contributes to lower energy bills. A damp content of just 5% in a plain brick wall can lower the insulation by up to 50%, especially where cavity wall insulation has been installed. Tests have demonstrated that ProPERLA Masonry Crème can slow down thermal heat loss by up to 76.83%.

Protect your home from penetrating damp

Moisture can increase the rate of decay in construction materials. Blocken & Carmeliet (2006) state "Wind-driven rain is one of the most important sources of moisture affecting the hygrothermal performance and durability of building facades." Keeping walls dry also helps to prevent against frost damage & penetrating damp.

Keep it clean & attractive

Treated masonry becomes self-cleaning, dirt is simply washed away with rainfall leaving the surface clean and attractive.

ProPERLA also inhibits the growth of unsightly moss, algae and lichens and prevents discoloration and salt efflorescence.

Choose the product right for you

ProPERLA Masonry Crème

  • The ultimate clear protective masonry cream
  • Maintain the natural beauty of the building - ProPERLA Masonry Crème dries completely invisible
  • Suitable for use on a range of substrates including brick, stone, concrete and natural sandstone
  • Chemically bonds to the surface, penetrating up to 17m
  • Creates an invisible insulation barrier
  • Keeps walls dry to prevent against penetrating damp & heat loss
  • One coat application
  • 20 year manufacturer's product guarantee

ProPERLA Facade Coating

ProPERLA Facade Exterior Wall Coating
  • A waterproof, self-cleaning & highly breathable exterior wall coating
  • Improve the appearance of the building with a coloured finish - ProPERLA Facade Coating is available in a choice of colours, all with a matt finish
  • Suitable for use on mineral substrates that require a coloured exterior wall coating
  • Keeps walls dry to prevent against penetrating damp
  • Two coat application
  • 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee – but the product has a life expectancy of 15-20 years
Penetrating damp treatment

Interested in ProPERLA Penetrating Damp Treatments?

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