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ProPERLA Customer Reviews

Our ProPERLA Approved Applicators up & down the country have been transforming & protecting homes from the elements.

Are you looking to have your home treated with ProPERLA?

See what customers had to say about ProPERLA products...

Renotec before and after

Product: ProPERLA Masonry Creme

Applicator: Ecoprotex

Location: Taunton

The latest wet storm has gone to show the job was done correctly as no more water running down my walls and I can see the water repelling on my outside walls. Will recommend...

Product: Unknown

Applicator: Kingdom Coatings

Location: Roslin

Delighted with the finished result and transformation of my house. Job well done! 

Product: ProPERLA Facade Coating

Applicator: Kingdom Coatings

Location: Monifieth

Very pleased with the end result.

Product: ProPERLA Facade Coating

Applicator: Kingdom Coatings

Location: Fife

Thank you for a job well done. The end results very breathtaking. Thanks again from a very satisfied customer.

Product: RENOTEC Roof Coating

Applicator: Ecodry Solutions

Location: Unknown

We’re delighted with our roof restoration - it now looks like new.

Product: RENOTEC Roof Coating

Applicator: Pure Water Roofing

Location: Oxted

We had our roof treated appropriately four years ago and it still looks perfect. 

Product: ProPERLA Facade Coating

Applicator: Home Energy Protection

Location: Unknown

I have waited a while to leave a review to see if the coating on my house works. Since the house was done my heating bill has reduced by £30 per month so I can now say it does and it still looks great too! I would highly recommend!

Product: ProPERLA Facade Coating

Applicator: QES Exterior Coatings

Location: Stockport

ProPERLA has made a huge difference. After 20 years of not using our dining room due to it being cold, we are dining in there. 


Transform & Protect Your Home

When applied, ProPERLA creates a waterproof, super hydrophobic coating on exterior surfaces. Crucially, this waterproof coating remains highly breathable, meaning moisture can escape from the inside.

This is crucial for reducing penetrating damp, and for long-term performance, as moisture is often the cause of paint failure.

We offer a wide variety of advanced coloured & clear exterior coatings, for masonry, bricks, roofs, wood, paving & more. 

No matter your homes requirements, we have a product on offer that will protect it from the elements & keep it looking attractive for years to come.

Proven Performance

ProPERLA wall coatings have been rigorously tested and certified by a UKAS accredited testing laboratory
 to give you peace of mind. Tests showed no signs of deterioration in performance or aesthetic appeal even after a 25 year accelerated weathering process. 

Not only our wall coatings, but the full ProPERLA product range comes with manufacturer's performance guarantees of between 10-20 years.

Are you an applicator and want to hear what some of our approved applicators have to say. Find their ProPERLA testimonials here.

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